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Guangzhou Xinde Building Technology Limited is a company providing products support and ancillary products Integrated Company for air conditioning, electrical, water supply and drainage, fire and other professional, mainly for domestic engineering project provides this kind of product sales, technology development, promotion and site support services. Since the establishment of the company, to promote the work of research and development and related domestic technology standard has been committed to product support technology..

Guangzhou Xinde building technology company sales agent of several international and domestic well-known brand building products, the main thrust of the DRSTUT combination hanger brand, under the Hongkong Jiayuan international group. Its parent company is a company based in Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asia, has many years of technology development and production experience of the service group. U type supporter of its design and production, using the factory finished production, on-site assembly way, to avoid the traditional bracket mounting drilling, welding and rust paint job, can effectively reduce the installation cost, fire hidden trouble, shorten construction period and reduce the late maintenance. Due to prevent rot treatments on the bracket in the plant surface, in order to improve the appearance of the bracket, anti-corrosion effect is remarkable; the construction site and reduce the human body damage, protect our living environment!


广州信德建筑技术有限公司-零件 With the maturity of the technology, the promotion of related products, now faith building technology company sales have been widely used in Guangzhou Asian Games Town of Macao, Venice people Hotel, Macao Hotel, city of dreams Hongkong Eic airport, the Tsing Ma Bridge in Hongkong, Dubai Jin Zonglv, CNOOC Zhan Jianghai petroleum platform project, business involves the construction, petrochemical, electric power, municipal, railway and other fields.

Guangzhou Xinde building technology company rich experience in engineering applications and technical services to support installation technology strength, improve the promotion, to make effective contributions to the improvement of the quality of the project. As a service of high-tech companies, the first line of faith always stand in the field of construction and engineering and technical personnel, the timely discovery, reaction technology breakthrough innovation and customer needs, provide excellent technology for the project solution.

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