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Share the assembly type hanger spring support structure note    
The time of publication£º2014-12-23 11:32:22

The first point: in strict installation steps added in installation issues instructions, improve the stability of high performance in the process of connecting the last of bearings, bearing support has the advantages of high gravity in the installation of composite function, strengthen take advantages of stable high function built in gravity bridge.

The second point: the elastic supporting high gravity function: according to the assembly type hanger in the installation process improves in cleaning and in a water pipeline in the firm support can improve the process, should not be installed in the fixed position location of deformation occurred in the situation, strengthen in rigid installation should not cause pipe rupture phenomenon.

The third point: the advantages of pipeline operation efficiency is high: according to the installation process safety to improve the conversion function is not in the daily safety caused by a stuck phenomenon, for the installation of matters in the positioning can effectively according to the installation of equipment to high circulation technology.

The fourth point: to prevent the elastic negative pressure too big phenomenon: the assembly type hanger according to the installation process in the safety of the pipeline, can effectively disperse inspection matters can be super high negative pressure working in support of gravity, for in the installation of equipment parts correctly functioning in improved produce overheating phenomenon to learn more, please login http://www.tugoe.cn/news/zdjzs/

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