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Discussion on the finished product support and hanger requirements waste technology to prevent    
The time of publication£º2014-12-25 11:09:56

According to the production process in the traditional manual, improve the waste of materials appear inappropriate in the cutting process of high temperature occurred in the welding process of the phenomenon, to strengthen the rational use of materials in reducing material deformation process, equipment for the treatment process of machining efficiency of polishing process in drilling in high hand the characteristics, perfect in manual processing of iron and steel in strong stability.

The first point: Processing moisturizing Technology: finished hanger through structure of spark reinforcement technology, strengthen to process mass production in the paint process, perfect in the drilling technology reduces the material noise affecting the status of high, high wave phenomena reduce the control material.

Second points: strengthening withstand gravitational stability: according to the steel structure building in the support point, improve the saving of time and in the process should not happen serious abrasion phenomenon in the construction technology, strengthening the advantages of using bearing gravity high in the high gravity support, improves in the installation process of fine in the stable hand high, increase in the use of firm characteristics of architectural appearance, more please login http://www.tugoe.cn/news149.html

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