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To explore the advantages of high elastic finished hanger for easy mounting    
The time of publication£º2014-12-26 09:17:08

Product support and hanger in processing installation manual techniques, strengthening the advantages of using high stability in the process of various materials, for grinding at the ends of the manual process of improving spring skill using high function, improve the vertical hand should not occur in the steam temperature is too high, resulting in a finished product support and hanger can not be normal install the phenomenon.

The first point: under gravity stable: for in connection processing technology axis, strengthen the connection of the advantages of high efficiency in the spring of the process, improve the resistance to support point firmly in the technology for contraction, can withstand the deformation function should not be stainless steel material in the technical manual of super high.

The second point: to meet the load capacity is high: product support and hanger in the process of elastic bearing highly resistant to support function, reduce the inappropriate in the folding of the steel tube technology in the steel appear deformation condition, enhanced resistance to support point firmly in line work, perfect in the spring steel pipe process high stability function more please login http://www.tugoe.cn/news149.html

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