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Share the assembly type hanger structure is simple    
The time of publication£º2014-12-18 11:44:28

Assembly type hanger according to the stainless in the installation part functions to improve the use of processing functions of high stability in the installation process, improve the supporting role in the firm to improve the noise too serious phenomenon during the installation process, improve the structure stability properties of high function in the stainless steel material node.

The first: the advantage of simple structure: the assembly type hanger according to the grinding process in laser processing, improve the model in the process has the advantages of high smooth degree, improve the use of strong advantages in stainless steel friction is too large, improve the processing advantage of high precision technology in plastic steel.

Second: high machining efficiency: for use in chemical industry experiment can improve pollution treatment does not appear in use to flow phenomenon, in corrosion resisting steel to improve the appearance of circulation to steel and in the demolition of flexible high performance advantages, improve the flow of electric current high resistance area function in use, more please login http://www.tugoe.cn/news145.html

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