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Discussion on assembly type hanger installation notes    
The time of publication£º2014-12-24 11:09:42

Assembly type hanger in support functions according to elasticity, improve the mechanical rotation device process strengthened under gravity high function in the operation, strengthen the control efficiency should not happen phenomenon of high running in the clutch in the process in the compartment of the operation, increase in power equipment to prevent deformation condition.

The first point: the manufacturing process is simple: the assembly type hanger for in connection device function bearing strengthened the not in use fatigue phenomenon too seriously, strengthen the mechanical rotation process to prevent the spring rotates out of circulation phenomenon, high resistance to strong advantages in the use of force in.

The second point: to prevent the elastic is too high: for the force of gravity in shock, strengthened in the treatment of high temperature of the solution in convenient manufacture the utility model strengthens in the elastic process reduces the force area occurred in the treatment of unstable performance of overheating situation, helps in stamping technology can efficiently improve the movement, appeared in the rubber process should not damage the bearing mechanical movement, more please login http://www.tugoe.cn/news148.html

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