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Product support and hanger for improving bearing gravity stable material saving function    
The time of publication£º2014-12-22 16:41:47

For processing in the processing of cooling process, improve under gravity in the advantages of tensile properties of stability, for in the support effect of steel structure in increasing improves stability of the points, the installation process in the traditional nut in the material energy saving according to the strengthening of the advantages of fast efficiency during installation.

Product support and hanger according to the grinding technology in iron and steel process, improve the installation height of the processing function is improved in the process in the construction of the construction stability and strong encryption in the process of gravity support, greatly improves the use of supporting machinery industry in the application of high efficiency and saving is not stable process the phenomenon of.

Resist the impact of high mode, product support and hanger for the installation process of processing in parts of parts, improve the process can be simple construction and installation work at work in the processing machinery in improving can resist impact with high point in the anti-skid device, improve the process of parts resistance in grinding process high effective polishing technology, the advantages of high stability of the rich in the construction of the project, more please login http://www.tugoe.cn/news/zdjzs/

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